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Abuse Statistic

Reference: AR 385-10; FH Suppl 1 to AR 385-10

All units in COSCOM should have a safety officer appointed on orders. These safety officers should have already attended the safety course. COSCOM is responsible for ensuring all units are provided with the most current policies that III Corps has placed into effect, and act as a liason between III Corps and COSCOM units.

COSCOM Safey Officer's Responsibilities:

The COSCOM Safety Officer is responsible for tracking all traffic accidents, DUI/DWI, and all safety message. He or she is the key liason between III Corps and the units within COSCOM. He/She takes all blotter reports from the Chief HRD and take all appropriate action. The DUI/DWI ca be inputed into the MS Access database titled DUI (found on the HRD Computer). This database will automatically print out each month's statistics when needed. The safety officer must make a periodical checks within the COSCOM units.

Monthly Reports:

The COSCOM Safety must report monthly to the Commanding General (CG) the amount of DU/DWI from the previous month. He/She must also report all accidents that have occured in COSCOM (from civilians or military personnel) and their classification. This report is due to the CG by the 20th of each month or as stated otherwise.

Quarterly Meetings:

Hold quarterly meetings to put out new guidance to the Safety Officers of every COSCOM unit and to discuss problems/deficiencies that have been found in several units. The COSCOM Safety Officer chairs the meeting and ensures the meeting is kept on track. This is a great opportunity to put out changes in policy or point out deficiencies he/she has notices the units consistently doing incorrectly.

Abuse Statistic

COSCOM G-1 tracks spouse and child abuse statistics for the COSCOM. Contact Social Work Services at (254) 288-6474 for a report. Social Work Services will print out reports on both abuses and the COSCOM G-1 will compile the information quarterly for the Command and Staff. You only need to concern yourself with the substantiated and closed cases.

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