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The mission of the Operations Division is to provide and support the 13th Corps Support Command in matters of deployment readiness,Temporary Change of Station orders, and COSCOM complaints through the dial-13CG process.


Officer In Charge (OIC)

Captain Winborne, Deputy G-1, serves as the Officer In Charge of this section. He is responsible for checking and maintaining Operations Division in order and rating the NCOIC of the section.

NonCommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC)

The Operations Division Noncommissioned Officer In Charge is reponsible for processing Dial-13CG, ordering GSA Supplies, and maintaining the G1 budget. He/She also serves as the G1 Platton Leader and is the main point of contact for TCS orders. The NCOIC may be reached at 286-6969.


Either a Private First Class or a Specialist may serveDial-13CG recorder. He/She records every call that the G1 Office receives and forward it to the NCOIC for final review. To use the Dial-13CG line, just dial 287-13CG (287-1324). Please click the Dial-13CG link for more information.


Specialist Brown serves as the G-1 Administration Specialist. He works for the Assistant Chief of Staff, G1, and is also the driver for the G1. SPC Brown may be reached at 287-4000.

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