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The mission of the Officer Management Division is to provide and support the 13th Corps Support Command in matters of officer assignments, officer re-assignments, officer management, statistics, and queries dealing with officers.


Officer In Charge (OIC)

The Officer Management Division Officer in Charge's primary responsibility is to control the quality of work. He/She has the final approval on everything leaving the section that needs to go to the G1. He/She is also responsible for counseling his/her soldiers including the NonCommissioned Officer in Charge of the section.

NonCommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC)

The Officer Management Division's Noncommissioned Officer In Charge is responsible for controling the quality of work within the section. The NCOIC is also responsible for counseling his or her soldiers monthly to determine their strengths and weaknesses. It is his or her goal to help soldiers improve their quality of work.
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