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*~My 80's Toy Collection Page - Care Bears~*

FIRST, A LITTLE NOTE....~I truly am grateful for these toys. I wanted to make a little contribution on the World Wide Web to them. The don't make 'em like they used to! May these webpages "bring out" a little bit of my gratefulness to this decade of toys.~
I was (and part of me still is!) a HUGE Care Bear/Care Bear Cousin fan. (My favorite Care Bear is Share; favorite Cousin is Proudheart). Bedtime Bear became the first bear I owned.
I think at one point in my life, I had most of the 13" sized Care Bears - with the exception of Birthday, Share, Champ and Secret Bear. I had the little version of Grumpy and Funshine. All of the Care Bear Cousins I had at one time were: Losta Heart Elephant, Braveheart Lion, Cozyheart Penquin and Gentleheart Lamb (I bought Swiftheart Rabbit at an antique store).
Here's what I have now in my collection: 18" Bedtime, "Small" Love-A-Lot, 13" sized Swiftheart Rabbit, Share and Birthday Bear. They are mostly "good" to "very good" shape. The Secret Bear I have is a talk-version. Yes that's right! You pull a string in its back and it says 6 different sayings.
2" Care Bear minatures: Cheer Bear with a bucket and painbrush, Grumpy Bear with a fallen off ice cream cone and Wish Bear with a genie's lamp. Plus, the posable (about 3 or 4") figurines: Funshine, Grams, Grumpy, Cheer, Friend, Bedtime, Good Luck and Wish. I also have the Care Bear car and two Care Bear Keychains (Funshine and Tenderheart). I also have a Care Bear Cousin fold-up tray. I thought my mom threw it away, but she still has in in the kitchen! :)I remember vividly when my bedroom was *covered* in Care Bear things: bedsheets, pillows, - you name it it, it was more than likely in my room (I still have the Bedtime lamp. It has no lampshade, but it still works!). And of course, I watched most of the movies. "Care Bears 2: A New Generation" is still somewhere in the video collection :)
Meet Proudheart Cat. She was adopted on April 7, 2000. Adopt your own Care Bear or Care Bear Cousin here
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I love the Care Bears!
*This webpage has been in existance since April 2000*

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