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Becker's Burros

Donkey Creek Farm
Hico, Texas

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Howdy! Welcome to our donkey world.
We'd like to tell you a little bit about these wonderful creatures.

babe.jpg EmJif.jpg
First, though, this is our granddaughter Emily with her friends - her introduction to donkeys. Isn't she adorable?

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Donkeys make great, lovable pets, and they're easy keepers! They are extremely intelligent animals and are easily trained to pack, drive, or ride. They willingly attempt to do anything you ask them to. They may be a bit cautious about anything new, hence their undeserved reputation for stubbornness. But this is really just another sign of their intelligence. Donkeys love human contact and have gentle, sweet dispositions. They quickly become attached to their owners, and will greet you loudly with their wonderful hee-haw bray when they have missed you, or if they just want some attention. Donkeys also form strong bonds with other animals and for this reason are being used for predator control to protect newborn animals, and as companions for other equines. They have a well-developed sense of humor and love to play - if they don't have "toys", they will make their own out of anything they can find ... buckets, tubs, branches, etc. Most people who acquire a donkey find that they are so endearing and entertaining that they are absolutely hooked on these gentle, long-eared friends. They quickly learn that one donkey is simply not enough!

Here's what one new donkey owner has to say about their intelligence: “When we got our donkey I didn't think there'd be a whole lot of difference beyond longer ears and braying. I thought the claims of donkey intelligence were probably a tad exaggerated and the result of owner bias. I was very wrong. Nino has a lot more on the ball than any horse or pony I've ever seen. The first real difference I noted was the difference between his reaction and the reaction of our horses and pony to strange objects. Where they would always "spook", Nino slowly approaches and sizes up the questionable object from all sides, convincing himself that it's no threat. That takes reasoning. Maybe I've just had stupid horses but their reaction was always to freak first and analyze later. We had a bad rainstorm last week and I took an open umbrella out to Nino's barn. The sight of an open umbrella for the first time would have sent our horses through the back wall, but Nino was interested in it and took pains to inspect it - even putting it to the "taste test". I loved my horses and I adored our pony, but after having a donkey on our place I don't think I'll ever be without one. People who snub them just don't know what they're missing." Victoria

"Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: 
some observers hold that there isn't any. 
But this wrongs the jackass." - Mark Twain


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