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Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of any police uniform is the shoulder patch. Police patches come in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors, and range from the very simple to the very ornate. There are very few officers that when asked what their department's patch symbolizes can tell you the answer.

The shoulder patch of the Bellmead Police Department was created with this in mind. Designed by members of the department, each detail of the patch has it's own distinct meaning and purpose, so when someone looks at the patch, they will not only see the name of the department, but also the department's perception of its role in the community.


THE SHAPE: The shield is a time honored and universally recognized symbol of protection. During times of conflict the shield was used to protect those standing behind it from injury.

THE NAVY BORDER: Symbolizes the men and women in Law Enforcement who are the first line of defense against crime.

THE ROPE INNER BORDER: Symbolizes strength, and unity. Like the strands of a rope we cannot accomplish much individually, but working together we become stronger and more able to accomplish our goals. The green and silver represent the official colors of the city and the department's commitment to work together with the community, in order to make Bellmead a better place to live and work.

THE RED AND WHITE BANNER: Symbolizes those whose lives are on the line daily to protect others, with the caption "PROUDLY WE SERVE".

THE SILVER BACKGROUND: Like the precious metal, it symbolizes the durability, versatility, and strength of the department.

THE FLAGS AND CITY LOGO: Represent the City, State and Federal Laws we are sworn to uphold.

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