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Brain Dance Ink is a Texas publishing Co. established in 1988 to produce quality folksong and dance materials. The inspiration for publishing Texas folksong materials came from the founder, Jim Ryan's mentor Mark Williams and his expertise in the Kodaly philosophy of music education. When Jim first worked with Mark at UTSA, he was the immediate past president of The American Kodaly Educators. Their two year relationship sent Jim on a quest for Texas folksong and dance materials that lead to the following publications. Since then Jim has presented these materials at the national Orff, Kodaly and Bi-lingual conferences. He has aslo presented at Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana state conferences. We specialize in multi-lingual, multi-cultural songs, games and dances. The list includes some of the titles that we have available. They may be ordered from Brain Dance Ink, 312 Larchmont, San Antonio, Texas 78209. Book and tape sets are $20.oo and Book and CD sets are $25.00. Dance Time in Texas is a little more expensive at $28.00 for the book and CD set Please include $3.00 for shipping and Texas residents add %7.25 Tax. Any 2001 TMEA or NEA members who mention this site in their orders recieve a 10% discount. We accept PayPal if you would like to pay with a credit card. Feel free to write or email for information. Email, or send money through PayPal to

Dame Cinco by Jim Ryan was our first publication. It contains La Bamba, Las Mananitas and De Colores. It also has a musical that ties all the songs together with a story about some children at a party. The Cucaracha is the bad guy and steals the pinata. The day is saved when courageous Vaqueros retrieve it in time to sing La Bamba and break it with the other students. It makes a great Cinco De Mayo show, and would be perfect for Dies Y Sies.

Chiquitos by Jim Ryan was written especially for Pre-K First. It contain songs and games in both Spanish and English. It contains a game ,or dance for almost every song. Included in this varied collection are: "Doņa Blanca", "Patito, Patito", "Bunny Foo Foo", and "My Baby Bumble Bee".

Fiesta De Las Posadas by Tim Keene is the Hispanic celebration of the night before Christmas and the Holy Family's search for shelter. After denial at several locations they are invited in and the party begins. Includes all the traditional songs in Spanish and English.

Les Danses Rondes by Catherine Blanchette is an excellent collection of French Cajun folkdances and games. In the play-party tradition they are meant to be performed acapela. the instructions for the dance are often called out in the lyrics. This well documented collection comes with a recording of a native speaker singing the songs in Cajun French.

Texas Trailblazers by Jim Ryan is a musical based on the fourth grade Texas History curriculum. It tells the story of the pioneers of Texas from the Native Americans through the settlers who came in the late ninteenth century. There is a song or dance for each group (Spanish, French etc.) and detailed information about their contributions to the lone star state.

Dancetime in Texas is a definitive collestion of Texas dancehall dances that contains all your favorites. It includes "The Cotton Eyed Joe/Schottische", "Chicken Dance", "The Hockey Pokey", "The Bunny Hop" and six more skating rink favorites. Produced by George Chambers and the Country Gentlemen, it will keep your boots scooting and your toes tapping. The arrangements are by Ron Kunuth, a virtuoso fiddle player who also plays tenor guitar on some of the tunes.

America by Jim Ryan is a patriotic program that is easy to produce. It contains all the heavy hitters, "America", "America the Beautiful", "The Star Spangeled Banner", "Yankee Doodle Boy", and many more. Its a sure crowd pleaser that contains movement and informative dialog for each song.

La Jolie Bois by Ed Doran is a set of three musicals that help teach values and build self esteem in elementary age children.The characters are all animals and flowers, who are tempted by the sly fox. He offers them drugs and attempts to capture their will. the fearless dog saves the day and all live happily ever after.

Ballroom Branles by Tim Keene is an interesting and fun collection of rennaisance dances. These easy to do dances open a window to popular dance of the seventeenth century. There are easy to follow instructions that lead you through every step.

Chiney Doll by Susan Brumfield is a nice collection of lullabies. It contains such soothers as: Fais, Do, Do, All The Pretty Little Horses, The Riddle Song, and Hush Little Baby. It is axailable only on cassette for $10.00.

copyright 2007ŠJames R. Ryan

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