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How to reach the band: Voice mail: (214) 834-4511

HELLO DALLAS - FT. WORTH and NORTH TEXAS! The band to see is "Shianne Ladale and ChemYstery", five souls who have come together to blend their talents; Shianne Ladale (she is the first black female of country music), Carrie Phillips, singer/backup singer, Mark Dickey (from prev. band, "Maplnecq") "The Doc" - guitar, Clifton "Bad Brad" Bradford (from previous band, "Maplnecq") - bass guitar and "Rockin" Robin Alioto - percussionist, who are always at her side. They are a versatile songwriting team as well as a performing one, a must see! This C&W, blues and rock band has been everywhere from California, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas (home) and as far as Columbus, Ohio and hopes to be coming to your area soon! They do modern day and some older country and classic rock (mainly 50s and 60s).They have released a song (their own), "Be Mine",(February 1999) and are recording many others -- "Brewing up a heartache", "He's gone", "Wait for me", "It's only Monday" and many others! > > GO TO PAGE 2

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