Each Rose the heart remembers
With petals soft with dew
Love that enters softly
Is always in your view

Grapes of vintage gathered
So sweet upon the vine
Brings forth joy of sharing
The nectar of fine wine

Today we share this pleasure
This joy that gives us life
Rose of simple pleasure
Drink of love's delight

My love for you is ageless
Just like the wine I pour
The rose a gift of loveliness
It's you that I adore

Treasures of life's bounty
Shared now with a kiss
Upon my heart forever
The love we did not miss.

Poet:  Ms. Francine Pucillo





Welcome to Bev's Home!

Welcome to my home on the net! I have several pages for you to roam through, make yourself at home here...everyone is welcome at my home.

The great big state of Texas is my home, and I absolutely love it here. I've lived in Texas since I was 5 years old, in a total of 6 different towns so far. The panhandle, hill country, and gulf coast have all been home to me, and so far, I like the gulf coast area best. Although, spring time is absolutely beautiful in the hill country, when the bluebonnets are in bloom!! It doesn't snow in the gulf coast area of Texas though, and that I do miss.

I was very involved with marching and concert bands while in high school!! I started out on Clarinet, but then moved to Bass Clarinet my junior year, and also played the Contra Alto Clarinet!  I was a squad leader in marching band, and during concert season, in addition to being in the Symphonic band (Symphonic band was comprised of the top musicians in the band, Concert band had everyone else), I also played in clarinet trios, quartets, and a Clarinet Choir, all of which competed in the local competitions! I was fortunate enough to get a music scholarship on Bass Clarinet to the Junior College I had wanted to go to for a long time (they have an excellent music program there).  I studied music while there, and received an Associate's Degree in Music from that Junior College.

I also received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Houston. I am not in music professionally, but it is still a dream of mine to play! I am currently involved in a community band in the Houston area called the Lone Star Symphonic Band. The link to the band's website is located below. I love attending plays, musicals, and the Drum Corps International (DCI) competitions here in Houston whenever possible!