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Abandoned State Highway 159 near Hempstead, Texas

Photos by Martin G. Blaise
Disclaimer: this page is in no way part of or represents the opinion of the Texas Department of Transportation. It is strictly for entertainment and none of my comments should be used as facts.

Several miles southwest of Hempstead, Texas is where State Highway 159 crosses the Brazos River.  An older section of highway is clearly visible on both sides of the river, just a few hundred yards north of the bridge. However, there is no old, abandoned bridge and little sign of one except maybe for one small piece of concrete down in the Brazos River.

This is where it starts.

The road is in decent shape but notice how narrow it was.

Above photo: a gate prevents you from taking the old highway any farther!

This is where the old bridge would have been.
Very little sign of any bridge supports or anything else of an old bridge that I could find.

Underneath the present-day State Highway 159 bridge over the Brazos River.

This is the road on the south/west side of the river.  It is much shorter.

One of the reasons I could not find any old bridge supports was extremely thick trees and plants where the road would have been.  This certainly had to have been a very old highway and a very old bridge.  If anyone has any details, please let me know.

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