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Old highway photos - Old U.S. 90, Old Texas State Highway 71, Old U.S. 290 - photos by Marty Blaise

Old Highway U.S. 90 sign near Columbus, Texas

A different angle from the same intersection as above.

This is the other end of old U.S. 90 in Columbus, Texas. The road at the right was a new section to connect with the newer highway in town. To the left, about 1/4 mile, is the Colorado River.

A section of Old State Highway 71 between Columbus and LaGrange.

Same section, but at the dead end. State Highway 71 is a four-lane divided and could be in the plans to be upgraded to an Interstate Freeway.

This section is just outside the city of LaGrange.

This is the same area, but on the opposite side of the railroad tracks. The old highway dead ends on both sides of the tracks.

Close to the dead end. The sun was bright that day.

This is what can happen to an old highway.

The opposite direction - the pavement is fading away fast - old highway 71.

Old U.S. 290 in Ledbetter, Texas is used as a kind of service road.

Downtown Ledbetter, Texas

More of Old 290 in Ledbetter.

Still more old 290

This is old U.S. 290 in Carmine, Texas. Carmine and Ledbetter are quite similiar small towns.

Old U.S. 290 between Carmine and Burton, Texaas. I barely spotted this section. U.S. 290 is to the right.

More old 290 between Carmine and Burton

Old 290 near Burton, Texas

Obviously taken from the car, this is an old section of U.S. 290 near the Brazos River. This is now called Malinowski Road. It dead ends where the old 290 bridge used to be.

Another section of old 290 - looks like this was a no-passing zone.

Signs of old 290 on the opposite side of the Brazos River. Probably remains of the old highway or else a dumping area.

The right-of-way for old U.S. 290 - little evidence remains of the old highway. The road at the right is a more recent local road. The old bridge would have been behind the trees at the end of the right-of-way.

Days gone by - this abandoned motel is between Hempstead and Prairie View, Texas on old Highway 290, which in this case is still a fairly well traveled and maintained route.

I believe this was the office where you registered for your room. The plants make me think someone is maintaining these facilities.

Some of the rooms of the old motel.

Closeup of room 7 at the old motel