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Lisa's Home Page

Lisa's (Angela) Home Page

I hope you like my home page and my photo. I decided to put this photo on my home page so you can see what I really look like. I hope you don't think I'm being too forward.

My real name is Lisa but my friends call me by my middle name which is Angela.

I'm 30 years old, caucasian, and looking for fun, intelligent people. I have a Bachelors degree in Finance and work full time. I'm 5 ft 7 in tall, Athletic/fit, non-Smoker, social drinker, with no children. I am a lot of fun to be around and enjoy doing a lot of different things. My friends tell me I'm very smart, loyal, and sincere.

I've had responses to my ad that were sincere (I think) but I've also had many responses for dates and sex. You guys don't seem to understand that the majority of us women are looking for something other than one-night stands.

My experience has been that the majority of you guys are wanting one thing - SEX. Even my friends agree with me. We receive all types of sexual proposals. It never hurts to ask I suppose but you are barking up the wrong tree or "looking up the wrong dress" in this case.

Most women using the Internet personnels are not going to meet you in person. They won't even give you their real names or phone numbers. They're playing games with you and want to find out just how much they can lead you on. The other few women who are sincerly looking for someone are too scared to meet you in person. They are concerned about their safety primarily and they're also concerned about what people will think when they tell them they met you through the Internet.

Admit it, hasn't this been your experience?

My friends and I have information on how you can meet young, sexy women who are open-minded enough to meet you in person. These women are models, exotic dancers, college students, nurses, business professionals, airline stuardesses, hair dressers, and even housewives. Married as well as single women. They are women who have normal lives but are looking for a little extra fulfillment.

Many guys, just like yourself have used our information in order to meet all types of women. You will also meet women of specific ages, body types, and ethnic backgrounds. Best of all you will have a constant and "fresh" supply of women.

Do yourself a favor and listen to my advice - stop wasting your time in the Internet personal services! If you really want to find someone who is interested in meeting you in person, then look for them in the appropriate places.

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Last updated Saturday, March 21, 1998