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Buying Baldar Blunts

    For Baldar blunts, contact Duke Baldar. His e-mail address is:

    The prices are: $2 each for orders in quantities less than 50, $1.75 for 50 to 499, and $1.50 each for 500 or more (in the past they have not requested tax be included). For orders of 25 or more, shipping is free--there's a $5.00 shipping fee for 24 or less. You must specify whether you want heads made for wood shafts or fiberglass shafts (fiberglass shafts are smaller diameter). You can specify what colors you want for the striking surface, but they cannot guarantee the color. Allow 2-4 weeks for shipment.

    Send payment to the name and address shown below:

      Alex Cooley
      572 Breckenridge Village apt.#6
      Orlando FL 32714
      Phone: 407-772-6606