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Africa Mission of President Clinton

At the same time with President Clinton's visit to Africa, including in Rwanda we also publish the below report which is related to the organizational crisis of this defence agency which has developed the advanced pscyhotronic system of the United States. Although, we also know that this report is not correct in every parts of it, we are sure that this trip or mission of President Clinton will also change the Africa politics of the United States. By the way, there are very serious results of this development in Africa. For example, the name of Nelson Mandela can be mentioned who has also been released with the assistance of this psychotronic satellite system in 1989. However, the remarkable changes of South-Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and other African nations also clearly reflects the success of this development on this continent. For example, less and less problems are reported which are related to the nutrition. At present in particular, the health care, the AIDS, the agricultural development and other social and economic problems mean new challenges for many associates of this defence organization.

Usually every word can generate a relatively strong aversion in members of action groups which is written about this development. The history of these years is extraordinarily serious. A common experience of many is related to Rwanda which, on the American side of this satellite system, was also a training camp of many whose duties are related to the most sensitive actions around the world.

Although, a very useful optimistic vocabulary was also elaborated in these years on the results and opportunities of this highly sophisticated satellite system; however, this type of approaches are usually knocked to a more and more strong psychological resistency of many members of this defence organization.

We are not perfectly able to understand them. For example, a similar psychology characterise veterans from Vietnam, Nicaragua and other war regions. However, for example, our criticism is also able to generate a similar aversion in these people. In many cases, their associates are also in trouble who would like to be members of this virtual brotherhood...

Although, there are also similar experiences from other regions, Rwanda is also a symbol of a meaningless genocide which is also an important psychological factor of the military and medical sciences. Medical employees of this organization are also similar to other doctors and researchers around the world. However, similarly sensitive psychological factors are related to children victims of these years, the Chinese student uprising, Chernobil, the War Crimes in Bosnia and so on whose sublimation and publishing are also an important responsibility of organizational psychologists and internal security experts.

Since about the second half of the 80s this organization regularly took over the actions of criminals, terrorists, military groups and generaly every official and unofficial armed force. At the same time, there was also a similar development in the medical sciences. It can be said that most of the sicknesses can perfectly be controlled.

However, it is beyond the psychological limit. At present, this article is also unbeleivable for many readers; although, it would be important basically to understand it. The known helicopter accident of Firmin Sinzoyheba Defence Minister of Burundi crystallized the nature of this organizational crisis. Basically, an unexpressed opinion of these people that it is not impossible to say a positive sentence on the side of this development while this type of (involuntary) activity of this defence organization is unknown...

By the way, they are not simple military personnel. Most of them are very clever, disciplined and excellent experts of the security politics and the medical sciences. For example, there are also excellent experts of actions and weapons, military and medical professionals, psychologists, military surgents and others.

"When every word loses its meaning, there is Rwanda" - said a medical scientist, a veteran of the Rwanda training camp. At present, the sensitive heritage of this African nation is also reviewed by official authorities of the Department of Defense. It would be too early to say anything more about this question. However, it can be highlighted that very serious problems of this defense organanization, including the present organizational crisis will be solved by a correct and detailed analysis of official and unofficial documents from Rwanda.

Feb 16, 1998.