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Family Protection

One of the most sensitive sides of the present organizational crisis is related to the family protection. Although, extraordinarily serious organizational policies protect the families of every interested persons; however, it is also a matter of fact that this sensitive field also became a target of organizational disputes.

For example, there are also unmarried employees of this defence or governement organization whose rights should also be protected. In particular, the military sociology can assist a better understanding of this sensitive question.

Despite this, it should also be highlighted that very important constitutional documents protect the families of everyone. For example, there is also a similar unwritten constitution in the ethics of defence and intelligence communities around the world. However, it should also be mentioned that, at present, usually families of police officers should be protected from dangerous criminals. Nevertheless, abuses, balckmailing and psychological methods are also known on economic and other fields, including in every profession. These problems will in all porbabilities become much more serious in these years.

At present, usually dangerous games of children or sexual type of interest of youth mean perenial dilemmas for employees of this orgainzation. However, in many cases, parents are also responsible for some problems. Additionally, several smyptoms of a problematic change of the family protection can be observed around the world(!) which can also be argued with a Post Cold War psychology.

Naturally, this written or unwritten constitution of this organization also contains other policies; which are usually also known from the international ethical codex of defence and intelligence communities; however, considering the highlighted importance of this sensitive question, the publishing of this policy can also assist the prevention of other problems.

March 1, 1998.