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Good Morning , China ...!

The Chinese speaking associates of this defence or government organization is presently developing their organizational unit - has been mentioned by a Hong Kong origin expert.

In particular, the aviation of the Asian Pacific region needs a special attention; however, the present domestic problems of China also argue the technical and organizational developments.

In the foreign relations, very remarkable changes can be observed in 1998. It can be said that the whole Asian continent is in a "revolt". For example,the names of Vietnam and Laos can be mentioned; however, the known changes of the Korean Pennynsula are also in the interest of the Chinese organizational unit.

At present, in particular two countries, Russia and Japan in the center of this interest. However, it can be said that traditionally good relations characterise the activities of Russian, Chinese and other organizational units.

By the way, it can also generally be said that good relations characterise members of the mostly Hong Kong origin and native American organizational unit. For example, many members of other organizational units raised the issue that they would happyly assist Chinese tourists in their countries...

Regarding these changes of the Asian continent the Hong Kong origin experts also expressed their hope that their importance will probly also be realised by defence experts of the United States soon...

Finally, the Hong Kong origin expert also mentioned that members of the Chinese organizational unit also like sports, including an Uigur origin inventor. For example, they also applied for the 2008 Olympic Games with Hong Kong and Macaou: however, it is also an important responsibility to assist the scientific, technical, economic and other developments, including in disadventageous areas of China.


By the way, technically, one of the most interesting organizational unit is Tibet whose offices, including its medical rooms are also installed by special air-pressure and airconditioning systems which are perfectly able to simulate the special circumstances of Tibet. It can be said that Tibet is one of the most developed organizational unit on the American side of this satellite system which can also assist the training of mountainous specialists, including technical and medical experts. For example, there are also Chinese nuclear weapons in the Himalaya. However, this special status of "Tibet" that its affairs are also controlled by the headquarter of this organization is also a big problem before the solution of Tibet's problems on the operational side of this satellite system. It can be said that leaders of the Chinese organizational unit, including Chinese speaking native American associates would be the happiest with a higher felxibility of the "Dalai Lama", military leaders, including experts of nuclear weapons at this very interesting and highly developed organizational unit. However, it can be said that very serious military interests of the United States depend on the virtual political status of this organizational unit which is probably also involved in other sensitive research projects.

March 4,1998.