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A report of the Jakarta Post drawn our attention to a growing uncertanity of many clients regarding dollar based contracts on the example of an insurance company. However, it can also be mentioned that our analysts are also under a growing pressure that how and where would they invest their money in these years?

Naturally, these years will probably generate, including an undistinquished criticism toward the United States; however, it can be stated that one of the best investments are still the dollar based contracts. However, it should also be highlighted that a growing number of the associates of this organization, including several members of the Alpha Team on the other side of this satellite system represent the principle of the social and economic justice. Basically, these contracts will probably be reviewed sometime in the future.

However, it would also be important more clearly to know the decision mechanisms in the economic activity of this defence or government organization whose duties are first of all related to the military and national security of the United States. For example, a very understandable growing carefulness can be observed in the activity of American economic and business partners.

By this time, it is impossible to predict the possible changes of dollar based contracts; however, usually the well known globalization and equalization processes are urged between wealthy and poor nations, including by international political and financial organizations.

March 6, 1998.