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The "Baby-Food" Development

In te middle of February a well-known symbol appeared on screens of the Mind Control Watch Report; the military censorship of this defence or government organizatin indicated its interest in the edition of this web page. Although, it should also be mentioned that we are also not voluntarily work on this inconvenient topic,in all probabilities the described organizational crisis and the prevention of other problems were the real purpose of the very well experienced military censors.

However, it is also an important conclusion of the first weeks of this unofficial web document that much more "digestible" information materials would be important, including in this early stage of this information process.

At present, the Egyptian organizational unit of this defence or government organization provided with such a useful information material. By a report of the Associated Press 30 tons of baby food and medical products were donated for Iraq by Egytian businessmen and pharmaticual companies. However, it should also be highlighted that this brilliant political type of action of the Egyptian organizational unit is also related to the urged "functional and peaceful type of usage" of this satellite system. For example, by this time medical and pharmatical type of products, including their distribution were also rigorously controlled in particular to Iraq. However, for example, bureaucratical type of problems also characterised the activity of UN organizations which were probably also related to a certain usage of this system at the officies of the United Nations.

However, experts of this development can also clearly recognise the style of many associates of this defence or government organization. For example, the appearnace of the "baby food" motif, in particular in military related media reports also clearly reflects such influences. It is basically a special language or slang which characterise the operation of this system for years. For example, the meaning of "baby-food" can also be "no violance" or "lethal shoot" and so on.However, for example, the names of "Iraq", "President Saddam Hussein" or "his generals" also have had special meanings in the previous weeks. For example, the name of Iraq was also a synonime of the "troubled area" or "this organization" whose leaders are also attacked by noise critics of this development who usually do not like the "dangerous weapons".

In particular the style of Bruce Willis, the actor of the "Die Hard!" serie can assist a better understanding of this special language who is also an important heroe of many police officers and members of this organization.

In all probabilities, representatives of the consolidated alternative raised the issue that the known sensitive actions of the previous weeks do not also assist the training of new experts and the solution of the appeared problems. Nevertheless, a growing interest of the media is also a new reality in the operation of this organization. Sometimes, the publication of a sensitive issue was similar to a nightmare including for both internal and recently nominated external experts of this development.

Although, the correct information is also an important responsibility; however, the employed information methods which are directly related to the changes of the organizational crisis did not also assist the solution of the appeared problems. In other words, journalists should write articles on this development and not too radical police and military officers, or too careful medical professionals. Nevertheless, medical experts on the other side of this satellite system do not also need too difficult cases and tortured victims...

This important request has been named as "baby food development" which is basically a nickname of the consolidated conception. At present, one of the most important "news-suppliers", Arabic speaking members of the Egyptian organizational unit brought baby food to the "troubled area" whose duties are usually related to much more complex and much more serious problems. Undoubtedly, it is really too hard to picture some of these people, icluding highgrader military profesionals with a can of Egyptian baby food...

However, this development is also an important message about an important aspiration of them. A peaceful usage of this highly sophiticated satellite system would really be important. However, it is also depend on a positive attitude of many, including Arabic speaking nations...

March 2, 1998.