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Shemipalatinsk, the Controlled Area

Ordinarily, several associates of this organization gasped for a bittered loughter when they also received a copy of the official description and its enclosure about the "Advanced Psychotronic Research" whose mentioned first copies have also been sent to President Clinton, highgrader Pentagon officers and others. Although, it can be said that, after years, this is the first useful material about this top secret development; however, it is also in light-years from the truth.

For example, by a previous "Cold War style" conception Shemipalatinsk, the former Russian nuclear testing field in Kazakhstan illustrates the term "controlled area"; although, this system is also operated around the world.

- It is Princess Diana's car - said sarcastically an "undisciplined" highgrader psychologist when an old-fashioned Russian military vehicle appeared in the area. Many associates of this defence or government organization are depressed by several sensitive cases of the previous years.

However, the term "research" in the title of this material is also delusive. This system exists and operated for years. Nevertheless, not only ordinary Kazakh and Russian residents, doctors and military employees of the area are in the interest of this system but American,French, Russian,British, Israeli, Spanish, Polish,Arabic,Sri Lanka, Japanese, Australian, Chinese and other citizens.

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding results of this development is that this system is perfectly able to control the nuclear weapons and to assist the arms control around the world; however, it is an obvious fact for many associates of this organization for years. Nevertheless, the illustrated achivements of the brain research are also not new things for these people. They, including brain researchers would first of all be interested in more correct information materials which can also assist the peaceful usage of this system. In particular the traffic control, personal and public safety, and the medical sciences are the most urging operational fields which, by the way, can also assist the development of a better budget system of the United States and other "controlled areas".

A very experienced member of the presidental team expressed it that, basically, this agency "must match its words and its deeds." Nevertheless, a consultattion would also be important with other leaders of this agency before the issuing of such information materilas. For example, many associates miss a basic description of the automatized systems, for example, in the traffic control, medical sciences, economy, arms control and public safety. However, other ones also protest to this type of missrepresentation of Russia which only conservs an unneded Cold War style hostility between the two nations,and Kazakhstan. Basically, this unknown war does not have loosers and winners. Naturally, everyone udnerstand it that former Russian human researches in the Shemipalatinsk area can assist a better understanding of several dilemmas of these people; however, it should also be put on record that, for example, the Jewish origin writer of this report was also much more seriously tortured, including by radiation methods than for example,ordinary Kazakh citizens by the former Russian government.

Although, it is known by everyone that the reamrkable dynamism of the very well edited information material is also an important event in the lives of these people; however, it is also a general opinion that it is in light-years from the truth. For example, this development does need more victims. Basically, the most problematic actions groups, and their styles and methods should also be reorganizased as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the most problematic people can also be sacked... In particular the aspiration of these people, including highgrader brain researchers, medical scientist, military professionals and others in the peaceful usage of this system can assist a better understanding of this reception of the first useful information materials.

March 5, 1998.