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March 8, Persuasive and Violentless Action

The International Women's Day of 1998 was celebrated withouth violent actions around the world.

Although, it can be said that female associates, including military and medical employees of this organization are also not free from the present organizational disputes, one of the most outstanding characteristic of the present women's day was that nowhere was violent action reported. Excluding, a respectful adult nursing expert of the Philippines urged speedier efforts to close the "gender gap" whose complex meaning does not need a more clear explanation...

However, it can also generally be stated that much less violent day was March 8, 1998 around the world which is also a persuasive evidence about the importance of authomatical systems in the operation of these satellites.Without a more correct reviewing of the related daily statistics it can generally be thought that at least 20 or 30 percent less difficult cases were reported from roads, hospitals and the most problematic operational fields of this satellite system. It can not clearly be argued by a quiet weekend; for example, the most difficult cases of these years were "unusually" on the weekends...

However, there was not also any action in Sri Lanka, the Middle East , Northern Ireland and other more difficult areas which also clearly reflects the participation of male associates in this persuasive and violentless action on the International Women's Day of 1998.

March 8, 1998.