My Tales O' Terror!

Well, they're not actually terror. Unless, of course, you think they just suck -that- much. RIGHT! Well, now, this is an assortment of my X Files humor stories. None of them are all that long, but some are longer than others. More to come. ANyway...go on...

NEW STORY ADDED, on September the 10th. It's called
"Little Becky, The Magical Eskimo",
and it appears down a little ways on this page!


Wickawacka --- Mulder and Scully try to stop a mutant in the small town of Wickawacka. But will Mulder be the creature's next victim?

The X Files Meets AnacondA --- The X Files gang takes a warped little trip down the Amazon, along with the group from "AnacondA".

Skinner And The Airplane --- Skinner on an airplane. Things get wacky.

Blub Blub --- No discription given.

Scully's Encounter --- Scully runs into some trouble in a dark alley way one night.

The Script Where Mulder Dies --- Was this once the script for Fight The Future? Gasp! Further explaination within link.

Skinner's Posessed --- The name serves as a good enough description.

Bloodbath --- Ahahahahahaha...AHAHAAHAAAA. A twisting and twisted tale.

Little Becky, The Magical Eskimo --- BADFIC. Badfic is fan fiction where the purpose is to be really, really crappy, for humor value.

Krycek's Movie --- Krycek isn't so happy about not being in Fight The Future.

Oh, No! --- One day on a FOX X Files forum, someone joked that the show was going to go with a daring Mulder/Spender romance rather than a Mulder/Scully romance (I'm hoping the don't go with either). I, of course, got ideas, so I typed this up.


"Fox Mulder, FBI. I read your stories. I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta take ya in."