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Woodville Academy

Woodville Academy

In 1849 the Woodville Academy was established. There were vaious other private schools in Woodville and Tyler County. According to the 1850 census, there were only three school teachers registered in Tyler County. They were, John Goble, Martin Lucas and Thomas Rock.

Thomas Rock taught first in the Wolf Creek Community and later in Woodville. John Goble taught in Woodville. He biult a school house on block five. This property is now owned by Mrs. Landon Risinger. Martin Lucas taught varios communities in the county.


The First Rules for the

Government of Woodville Academy

  1. School hours shall be as follows, till otherwise directed by the trustees: Open in the morning at 8 o’clock, close for recess one-half past eleven. Open one-half after one and closeone-half past five in the evening. Recess morning and evening at the discretion of the teacher.

  2. Students on leaving home must proceed without delay, or loitering at any public place, directly to school,and when dismissed in the evening retire in the same manner to their respective homes.

  3. Pupils shall, when signal for books is given, take their seat without delay.

  4. . Each pupil shall have his own seat and but one, and shall leave the same without the teachers permission.

  5. No student shall retire from the school room without permission.

  6. Talking, and whispering is forbidden, unless about the lessons.

  7. Fire-hunting or other night rambles is forbidden except on Friday and Saturday nights, and in no event is the Sabbeth to be broken by students.

  8. Attending balls or other kindred amusement is forbidden unless a written permission from the parent or guardian be presented to the teacher.

  9. Cursing, lying, swearing, stealing, wrestling, boxing, fighting, quarreling, nicknaming, backbiting, or mischevious tale-bearing, or any other unbecoming language, is forbidden.

  10. Absence from school by student must be satisfactorily accounted for; lesson must be prepared with in the time specified by the teacher.

  11. Such students maty retire from the school room to prepare lessons, as the teacher may permit, but due order must be observed.

  12. Visiting during the days of school is not looked upon by the Trustees as profitable, and they recoomend that students attend to their visiting on Friday evening and Saturdays.

  13. Large Scholars especially are required to observe the foregoing rules, as o very small scholars, the smae may be related at the discretion of the teacher.

  14. A violation of any of the above rules, will subject the transgressor to a penalty commensurate with the crime and these rules shall be made known and read to the pupils as they may be admitted into the school.

The above rules were adopted on the 23rd day of July, 1850 by the Trustees:

George W. Van Vleck
M. Priest
B.W. Isbell
Daniel E. McAllister

One of the trustees of this school, was a county officer, because we finfd these minutes recorded in the Assessors & Collectors record, of the year 1850, Tyler County, Texas