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Young's Point

The skirmish at Young's Point...was our first, and the general officers passed many compliments upon our coolness and bravery, but owing to Col. Culberson's mistakes, we were pronounced badly drilled and ordered to drill four hours per day, which order we endeavored to obey when on the morning of the 19th we were notified that the enemy was within a few hundred yards of us; and the 18th Regiment alone was ordered out to meet them. We crossed a bayou, which ran square into the one described above, forming a right angle at their confluence, Our regiment filed left up the bayou, immediately after crossing. As soon as our line became parallel with theirs, they opened fire with their batteries. We went in this direction, until we reached a skirt of timber, then filed right, followed that direction until the head of the line came upon a ravine, running parallel with both the first bayou.. and the federal line; and between the two, we again filed right, marching in files of four, which brought our line again parallel with theirs. In the meantime, they had posted their skirmish line upon us, killing and wounding a few. We charged them immediately, and drove them back to the main line. We then took cover, under the brush of the ravine and Major Robertson, a staff officer, went back t the bridge for orders; he returned and we marched in retreat across the first bayou, described here. We were protected somewhat by the levee, where we remained a couple of hours. All the while, from the time we crossed the bayou first, we were under heavy cannon. In addition we had the small arms playing on us a while. We lot a number of men from the regiment in killed, wounded or missing. One missing from our company was Gus Newberry.

Source: "Texans in Gray, A Regimental History of the Civil War" Heritage Oak Press

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