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Alfred N. Sharrock

Sharrock, Alfred N. born 1838 in Franklin County, Alabama. His family moved to Texas in the 1850's from Tennessee. He, along with his brothers Tom and John, enlisted in Company A 11th Texas Infantry Regiment on Feb.5,1862 in Rusk, Texas in Cherokee County. He enlisted as the First Sergeant. He was hospitalised in 1862 with pneumonia and during this time the 11th Texas was reorganized and the men were allowed to reelect their officers and Nco's. Company A at this time became Company C. When Alfred returned to the Company he became a private because another First Sergeant had been elected.
Company C was armed with Enfield Rifles and was designated as the skirmishing company. Alfred served at the Battle of Bayou Bourbeau, and the Red River Campaign. At the Battle of Pleasant Hill the Company Junior 2nd Lieutenant George Dew was killed and it was probably at this time that that Alfred was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Company C did not have a 3rd Lieutenant but a Junior 2nd Lieutenant instead. Alfred also fought at Jenkins Ferry.
Alfred fell sick on the Division's march back to Texas and was left behind but he survived the War and lived later in Oklahoma where he received a pension for his service.
Source: Tom Myers

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