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Pvt. William Marion Moss

William Marion Moss was born abt. 1830 in Tennessee. He is listed with his family in the 1840 Census, Limestone County, Alabama

David Moss - Head of Household
5 - two - Samuel and John David Moss - in Van Zandt Co. Tx 1850
5-10 - one William Marion C. Moss - in Van Zandt Co. Tx. 1850
10-15 - one Wiley Moss - in Van Zandt Co. Tx. 1850
15-20 - one Thomas Moss in Limestone Co. 1850
40-50 - one - David Moss (died by 1850)
? Joseph Moss Females
5-10 one - Mary Ann Moss
30-40 - one - Nancy (wife Nancy Love Moss) in Van Zandt Co. Tx. 1850)

William married Emily N. Welch on 18 May 1854 in Hopkins County, Texas. Emily b. 1832 in Tennessee, is the daughter of Thomas and Hettie Welch. Emily's sister, Margaret Lucinda Welch, married Sgt. William Garrett of the 18th Texas Infantry, Company E
William and Emily were blessed with three children, two daughters, Ceneth and Hetta, and a son, Marion D. Moss. Marion D. married Isabella (Belle) McNeely, daughter of David and Elvira McNeely, on 5 Jul 1883. Their children were,
Moss, Emma -- Bibby, J.T. 11/19/1908
Moss, Alice -- Junell, W.B. 1/12/1902
Moss, Winnie --Mosley, Floyd 2/18/1923, “Aunt Jim”
Moss, Lee -- Martin, T.A. 11/20/1910
Moss, Jewel -- Virgil O. Teddlie 12/28/1920, “Aunt Jude” - buried at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Hopkins County, TX
Moss, Myrta – Joseph Boyd Howald 6/19/1918, “Maw Maw” - buried at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Hopkins County, TX
Moss, William David

William Moss was a 3rd Sgt. in the Company for Beat No. 5, Hopkins County, Texas,9th Brigade, Texas State Troops, Texas Militia. W.M. Moss enlisted as a private in Company E, 18th Texas Infantry by William Beck Ochiltree on April 1, 1862 in Bright Star, present daySulpher Springs, Texas. He served as a Teamster and Mechanic. William was sick in camp during September and October of 1862.
From J.P. Blessington's "The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division, "The fever and ague, having broken out amongst the members of several regiments. On the march, October 10, re-crossing the Grand Prairie, men lost step and swerving from the line, dropped by the wayside, to rest on the few mounds in the prairie that were not covered with water. Completely chilled through-even their senses numbled-they would beg to be left, to sleep and to perish. A stupor, a perfect indifference for life, came over many of them. The exhausted mules sank down in their harness and were left where they fell. All men were left who could not help themselves."
William Moss is listed as a patient at St. John's College, which was used as a hospital, in Little Rock in December 1862. When the Civil War ended in April 1865, he is absent and accounted for as a mechanic in the Ordnance Department in Shrevesport.
William M. Moss married Martha A. Harris on March 25, 1873 in Hopkins County. Martha was born in Tennessee and lived in Pittsburg, Camp County, Texas, when she applied for a widows pension in June, 1923.
William’s pension application was witnessed by J.R. Ferguson, Capt. W.R. Buford, and Alexander W. Williams, all members of the 18th Infantry, Company E.
William Marion Moss died in March 1905 and is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Hopkins County, Texas. William Marion Moss is the great-great-grandfather of Randall Howald

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