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James S. Hanks

JAMES STEELE HANKS (1809-1898), probable second cousin to President Abraham Lincoln, was born in Maury County, Tennessee, the son of Primitive Baptist preacher, the Reverend Thomas HANKS and Sarah HILL. He moved to Anderson County, Texas in 1844 with his first wife, Isabel MCLEOD and seven children. Following Isabel's death in 1858, he married Louezer Cunningham DIAL Bell and had four more children.
Hanks was an educator, surveyor, justice of the peace, Captain in Company D of Burnett's 13th Texas Cavalry and a member of the 1866 Texas State legislature. He farmed cotton and owned a tannery yard in Neches, Texas after the war. Hanks owned 21 slaves in 1860.
According to an official biography published in Texas in 1899, Hanks "was a Union man, but when he found that his neighbors differed with him, he raised the largest company that ever went from Anderson County" joining the 13th Texas Cavalry. With over 100 neighbors, he enlisted at Mount Prarie in February 1862. He signed on for 12 months and submitted his letter of resignation on April 14, 1863 citing his age (53 years), loss of his 17 year old son in the battle of Richmond, poor health of his wife and his inability to find an overseer for his "between 25 and 30 negroes". His resignation was accepted.
Well regarded in his community, in later life James Hanks was referred to as "Colonel" Hanks.
Source:Michelle Ule

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