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Edwin Forrest Coon

Edwin Forrest Coon was born September 29, 1835 or 1841 in Missouri. He married Susannah Power Roark, a widow with two sons on Feburary 3, 1867. The marriage took place in Nacogdoches, Texas.
Edwin F. Coon served in the Texas Militia during the Civil War. He enlisted September 30, 1861 in San Antonio, Texas by Col. James Reily. He served in the 4th Regiment Texas Calvary which was organized about October 1861. It was also known as the 1st Regiment, Sibley's Brigade Texas Mounted Volunteers and as the 4th Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers. He was taken Prisioner of War in Louisiana in 1863 and was released later that year.
After the War, Edwin and Susannah Coon were among a group who met to form a new church in Appleby, Texas, Bethel Church. Edwin Coon was asked to act as "church pro tem." Edwin and Susannah Coon had seven children. He died June 8, 1893.
Source: Marianne Burgeson

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