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George W. Hager

Notes for GEORGE W. HAGER:
A Confederate Soldier.
George Washington Hager, When he was a young man, he left Texas by Wagon Train, and joined one of his uncles in Texas. He served in the 22nd. Texas Infantry Regiment, Company D. 1861-1865. He was a Blacksmith and Gunsmith at the Confederate Gunshop in Little Rock, Arkansas. Union General Steele, captured Little Rock on September 10, 1863. G.W Hager had a friend, named French, who served with him at this time. He attested that G.W. was a good soldier and served his country well during the War. . He also knew G.W. Hager, at Tyler, Smith County Texas. G.W. Hager applied for a pension at the age of 67, on the 8th July 1899. It was only in 1899, that the Pension plan was conceived. His Doctor, E.B. Adams, attested that G.W. was suffering from severe Rectal problems, which caused Chronic Diarrhoea, and Emaciation. due to his War time experiences, and the conditions. G.W. also stated that his estate consisted of only 2 Mules, 1 Pony and a Wagon, worth in total, about $50.00 at the time of his application. His son, L.W. Hager, ans his wife J.A. Hager attested that he was in very poor health and destitute, and could not support himself. His pension was approved on 25th January, 1900, and G.W. Hager, died in Emory, Rains County, Texas, on January 23 rd. 1903. Julia Ann Hager, went to Madisonville, Texas, and in 1909 moved by Wagon Train to Oklahoma, where the youngest child, Sara Elizabeth, married, Johnny James Mayfield.

Children of GEORGE HAGER and JULIA GIDEON. are:
v. NAOMI HAGER1, b. February 22, 1865, Crocket Houston County Texas1; d. WFT Est. 1866-19591.
2. vi. LEWIS ELDRIDGE HAGER, b. September 1867, Crocket, Houston County Texas; d. 1905.
3. vii. G.W. HAGER, b. April 14, 1870; d. WFT Est. 1872-1961.
viii. JOHN D. HAGER1, b. July 13, 18721; d. WFT Est. 1873-19621.
ix. IDA HAGER1, b. May 29, 1874, Leon County Texas1; d. WFT Est. 1875-19681; m. HAYSLIP.
4. x. JOSEPH FRANKLIN HAGER, b. May 27, 1876, Homer, Angelina County, Texas; d. June 08, 1959, Maysville. Oklahoma..
xi. MARTHA HAGER1, b. 18781; d. WFT Est. 1880-1931.
xii. DAVID M. HAGER1, b. September 18801; d. WFT Est. 1881-19701.
xiii. MORGAN DAVID HAGER, b. September 22, 1880, Jewett, Leon County, Texas; m. LULA WYNONA ELLIOT; b. 1879; d. 1927.

Birth FHL no. 1513526
5. xiv. ANDREW JACKSON HAGER, b. September 18, 1882; d. August 24, 1940, Madison County Texas.
xv. WILLIAM THOMAS HAGER1, b. February 18841; d. WFT Est. 1885-19741; m. BERTA MARKETT, Madison County Texas.
xvi. RICHARD PINKNEY HAGER1, b. June 18871; d. WFT Est. 1888-19771; m. EVORA ?.
xvii. ALBERT WEAVER HAGER1, b. February 22, 18901; d. WFT Est. 1885-19741; m. ALICE.
6. xviii. SARA ELIZABETH HAGER, b. February 05, 1892, Madisonville Texas.; d. December 20, 1982, Konawa, Oklahoma..

Generation No. 2
2. LEWIS ELDRIDGE5 HAGER (GEORGE W.4, JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHANNES JACOBI1)1 was born September 1867 in Crocket, Houston County Texas1, and died 19051. He married MATTIE RIGBY 1889 in Madison County Texas.
Children of LEWIS HAGER and MATTIE RIGBY are:

3. G.W.5 HAGER (GEORGE W.4, JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHANNES JACOBI1)1 was born April 14, 18701, and died WFT Est. 1872-19611. He married SUSAN LETITIA (LETTIE) WHITMIRE 1887 in Madison County Texas.
Children of G.W. HAGER and SUSAN WHITMIRE are:
i. RACHEL A6 HAGER, b. 1894; d. 1917.
ii. MARLIN C HAGER, b. 1895, Texas; d. 1974; m. VERA JOHN CHAUNCY.
iii. SIBBY D HAGER, b. 1897; d. 1976; m. ANNIE QUINN, 1917.
iv. LAURA HAGER, b. 1899.
v. GEORGE GLOVER HAGER, b. 1901; d. 1975.
vi. EVA LEE HAGER, b. October 09, 1902; d. February 1998, Ada Oklahoma..
vii. WILLIAM ELMER HAGER, b. 1904; d. 1908, Madisonville Texas..

Elmer Hager died in a fire, caused by a friend upsetting an oil lamp, during a "Singing" at the family house in Madisonville, Texas.

viii. ELBERT C HAGER, b. 1912.
ix. SARA ANN HAGER, b. 1916.
4. JOSEPH FRANKLIN5 HAGER (GEORGE W.4, JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHANNES JACOBI1)1 was born May 27, 1876 in Homer, Angelina County, Texas1, and died June 08, 1959 in Maysville. Oklahoma.1. He married MARY COKER November 25, 1897. She died 1954.

Notes for MARY COKER:
Mary Coker was a Cherokee Indian.
Children of JOSEPH HAGER and MARY COKER are:
i. GEORGE6 HAGER, b. November 22, 1898; d. January 18, 1975, Noble Oklahoma; m. GLADYS THOMAS, December 22, 1918.
ii. JOE HAGER, b. May 01, 1901, Texas; d. February 04, 1998, Oklahoma City Oklahoma; m. PEARL HARRIS, July 04, 1922.
iii. JESS HAGER, b. April 03, 1903, Texas; d. Oregon; m. RUTH HARRIS, 1924; d. Oregon.
iv. BEULAH MAE HAGER, b. August 14, 1905; d. July 10, 1991, Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; m. JAMES D HARRIS, January 24, 1930.
v. ALVIN HAGER, b. February 05, 1907; d. Oregon; m. (1) JACKIE; m. (2) VIOLA COLEY, May 29, 1933.
vi. MARY RUBY HAGER, b. February 03, 1909; d. September 30, 1912.
vii. OPAL HAGER, b. June 06, 1914; d. February 19, 1997, Noble Oklahoma; m. JOHN STRAUGHN, November 24, 1941.

5. ANDREW JACKSON5 HAGER (GEORGE W.4, JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHANNES JACOBI1)1 was born September 18, 18821, and died August 24, 1940 in Madison County Texas1. He married SUSAN STELLA HIGHTOWER December 30, 1906 in Madison County, daughter of JOSHUA HIGHTOWER and EMMA SPELL. She was born October 14, 1888 in Concord, Madison County, Texas.

i. JACKSON KERN6 HAGER, b. 1908.
ii. WILLIE ESTHER HAGER, b. September 14, 1912, Concord Community, Madisonville Texas; d. April 01, 1996, Greenbrier Texas; m. FLETCHER ARTERBERRY, 1941; d. September 11, 1961.
6. SARA ELIZABETH5 HAGER (GEORGE W.4, JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHANNES JACOBI1)1 was born February 05, 1892 in Madisonville Texas.1, and died December 20, 1982 in Konawa, Oklahoma.1. She married JOHN JAMES MAYFIELD.

Children of SARA HAGER and JOHN MAYFIELD are:
i. WILLI JEAN6 MAYFIELD, b. January 25, 1915, Konawa, Seminole County, Oklahoma.; m. J.D. SPENCER.
ii. JULIA GENEVA MAYFIELD, b. November 07, 1916; m. ASA CRASS.
iv. MOZELLA MAYFIELD, b. April 1923.
v. PEGGY MAYFIELD, b. 1925.
vi. WANDA MAYFIELD, b. 1927.

Source:Frank Covey
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