Permanent Wave, Contra Dance Band Compact Disc

Permanent Wave is a contra dance band located in the Houston, Texas area. We have performed at dances, weddings and special local events in Houston, Galveston, Dallas, San Antonio and many other smaller towns.

Band Members

Cora Bigwood - flute, percussion
George Eggleston - mandolin
Eden MacAdam-Somer - fiddle
Frances Newton - guitar, horn
Amy Price - fiddle
Kate Murry-Schultz - hammered dulcimer, autoharp

The caller Barb Smith, has worked often with the band and has even written a dance for the band with the same name, included on the CD.

Since completing the CD Amy, Frances, George, Jackie and Eden have moved on to other pursuits. The band has been joined by:

Shirley Koch - fiddle
David Tucker- guitar

The CD provides dance-length music for dancers and callers. This is a unique feature, since most contra recordings are designed for listening. The music is long enough to use for a dance, if no band is available. If no caller is available, the disc includes music with the calls. These latter tracks may also be used by those learning to call contras.

The disc features jigs, reels and waltzes. Selections 1-6 may be used for listening, dancing, rhythm and movement activities.

Selections 7-10 may be used for learning the dance and calls. These tracks include both the music and calls for the dances. The insert provides more information about contra dance and directions for the dances.


1. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Bonnie Isle O'Whalsay
2. What I Am Thinking (waltz) (c) 1996 Francis Newton
3. Riding on a Load of Hay/Sweeney's
4. Remember the Day (waltz) (c) 1996 Amy Elizabeth price
5. Palm Sunday/Da Full Rigged Ship
6. Hundred Pipers/The Kitchen Girl
7. Dance: Washington Quickstep
8. Dance: Jefferson Reel
9. Dance: Permanent Wave (c) 1997 Barb Smith
10. Dance: Nueces (c) 1997 Barb Smith

The Liner Notes give more information about the dances, music, and compact disc.

The CD costs $12.00 + $3.00 for S&H. For bookings or to purchase copies of the CD contact: Cora Bigwood.

The CD may be purchased on-line at the Bandstore and Contracopia. Selections are available for listening in various formats.

Selections are available in MP3 format along with additional information.

Permanent Wave merchandise is now available.

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