Sunday, July 18, 1999

Dear Journal,

We did agree on that title didn't we? Well, anyhoo... I did end up calling Dawson. (But don't tell my dad because he'll freak when he sees the bill. It's sure as hell not going to slip right past him, I mean the man isn't exactly Mr. Social. He hasn't made a call since god knows when.) Dawson's doing good. Something about some chick...Anne or something. He's still got that job where his mom works.
Joey's real quiet lately. Not that we were ever close. Her sarcastic remarks are really starting to go to my head w/out Andie around to reinforce all her positive theories about me. Is she the only one who really believes in me? I don't know, but those are things I think about sometimes.
Speaking of Andie I talked to her the other day. My pop was in the room and she told me to say 'hi' to him for her. I did and I'll tell you I've never seen anyone turn so red. Anyway, we had a nice conversation. I didn't say anything, but right before we hung up I could tell she was fighting back tears. I always hated to see her cry.
Oh, damnit! I gotta go. The mailman's coming up the driveway and I still don't have a reasonable explanation for my sudden need to call Dawson.


By Jackie ~*~Your 'I Spy' Webmaster~*~ .