Sunday, August 1, 1999

Dear Journal,

I keep trying to convince myself that I am starting to forget about Andie. But then I relize that I don't want to forget her. Everything she has done for me and everything we have done together(if you know what what i mean) is not easy to forget. I Love her so much and I wish the best for her. I talk to her almost everyday, my dad doesnt mind because its not to much of a long distance call. Today when I talked to her she sounded so healthy and much better, I think she is starting to make a full recovery. I can't wait for her to come home, and come back to me. When she is gone everything seems so wrong, when she is here,with me, everything just seems so right! Anyway,I was looking back at my old journal this morning and I found an old was about the crush i had on Joey, back in the day :-) Even though she is such a smart ass to me I think I still have feelings for her. But I dont think I could ever love anyone as much as I love Andie. Speaking of Joey, ever since her and Dawson broke up or whatever she has been so quite and lonely. I dont know who to feel sorry for. Probably Dawson, I mean Joey said she could probably forgive her dad but not Dawson? Duh...Whats Up with that? Well, I gotta get going to that wonderful and much paying job of mine.

Pacey..Of Course

By: Ashley