Saturday, July 31, 1999

Dear Journal,
Life seems to have slowed down here in good old Capeside. Jen and Jack are at Jen's grandmothers and I have barely seen either of them. en seems to be getting better though. I see Jack when I stop at the Ice House. Oh, the Ice House. It's almost through being rebuilt. Joey is hanging tough. I know her and Dawson "broke up" (the have a complicated relationship with way to many heartbreaks) but it must be very trying on her to have to go through this all alone. Last time she had Dawson to cheer her up, but for some reason she blamed him for this whole catastrophe. I try to reach out to her, but I think she's closing off; building a wall.

So that's basically the gang. I haven't talked to Dawson again yet, but I have talked to Andie. Oh, my Andie. How I miss her. She was telling me about how her doctor was giving her assignments like starting her own diary. She said I can read it when she gets back if I like, so I told her she can read my journal. She laughed at that. She said that she never pictured me as the kind to have a journal. I told her that I talk to it as if it were her. She laughed a little at that too, and then we had to go. I miss beingable to hold her and kiss her whenever she or I felt bad. I think I took advantage of that while she was here. I know just what to do when she gets home!


By: Missy