Sunday, August 22, 1999


today I feel like dispensing with the formality of 'dear'. No real reason, I'm just in a laid back kinda mood. I saw a magic 8 ball downtown the other day. I'm thinkin' of buying it. See, I figure if I have something to pretty much determine what I do, then I'll be able to take it easy that little bit more. For example, right now, I'm kinda thirsty. So, do I bother getting up to get a drink, and if so what do I choose? Milk or juice? A magic 8 ball would take all these complications out of my life. I should go and get one right now. I got the money, just not the motivatoin or energy to move. Ah, forget it, I'll just sit back and watch TV.

This is Pacey signing off on another pointless journal entry.

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