Saturday, August 21, 1999

Dear Journal,

It is summer, am I correct? Then why the hell am I bored out of my mind? I mean don't get me wrong I'd probably take time out of my usually busy summer schedule to write in this thing anyway, but to tell you the truth I haven't been out of the house for an interesting reason in weeks. Life in Capeside is so dead. Its like Little House on The Prairie without chores to keep everyone active and sane. We don't even have a prairie to run around in! We have a creek...but without Dawson, no boat. (I know what your thinking. And 'no' I would not step foot on my dads boat for fear of scratching something, being tried, found guilty, and publicly hanged.)

Oh, but speaking of my dad get this...he invited me (that's the key word) to go spend a day at the police station with him. How the hell 'movie of the week' is that? The man's no Mr. Mom, but I'd be lying if I said there hasn't been an incredibly noticeable change for the good since he came in contact with Andie. Andie has changed my entire life for the good. No, wait. No Andie. I promised myself I wouldn't do that to myself for at least one entry.

So, back to my boredom. Well, lets see... Andies gone, Dawsons gone, like I mentioned before Joey is practically non-excistant and doesn't make me feel too wonderful about myself, and Jack and Jen are too busy being the town outcasts to think of anyone else.

Maybe I'll consider that little invitation of my dad's. I didn't exactly give him the impression I wanted to go. He came in this morning while I was sleeping and i threw a pillow at him. But, I did feel pretty bad...because afterwards I was too tired to go get the pillow back.

Until we meet again,


This section of Pacey's Journal was done by: Jacqueline Rose