Monday, July 19, 1999

Dear Journal,
I continue writing although the fact still runs through my head... "I never thought I'd catch myself writing on my spare time, over the summer." I guess that is Andie's influence on me, either that or I'm looking at it as a school project (for all I know I'm going to walk into school with my journal and the teacher is going to ask me to hand it in). Writing in this journal is the closest thing I can think of to remember Andie. Sure there are pictures, but the more that I look at Andie, the more that I miss her. Hey, I'm really starting to love those positive thoughts. It keeps my spirits high and happy (I wish). Everytime I try to put Andie behind me for a while and have a little upright, whoopsie do fun... there is always something connecting me to Andie's jittery, funny, and cheerful ways. I'm telling you man (maybe I shouldn't be using the phrase "man" ... I think that "floppy little book with pages soon to be filled with glouris words" fits it better) I REALLY miss McPhee, she was everything to me. My love, best friend, everything... now this is just petty bickering so I better go off and do something better with my time... ~Shouldn't you already know my name? Anyway... Pacey

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