Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Dear Journal,

Journal sound more masculine, don't you think? Okay, so the 'dear' lets me down, but come on, we gotta keep some sense of formality here. Not alot been happening. I thought I'd record something anyway. I've had a three women over 35 come into the shop this week and give me looks that were more than friendly. What is it that makes me so irresistible to older women?! Not that I'm complaining. But, I think I'll wait until I'm over 35 to 'enjoy' any women in that age bracket. At least in those small moments of one-sided flirtation I can almost forget about Andie. Why for me is the word 'journal' synonymous with misery. Oh, wait, I'm sounding like Dawson. Maybe I'll give him a call and see what he's up to. Okay, so now I'm just rambling......


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