Sunday, January 29, 2000

Dear Journal,
What can a say about today? to tell you the truth not much. I saw Andie today with some jock and she was laughing and messsing about and part at me was so mad at her, how can she laugh when inside i feel like my whole world has been destried and it was all because of her. but the other oart of just wanted to hold her and protect her from harm. I want her back so much but if i forgive her now who says it will go back to how it was.

Me and Joey had a good talk today and she actually managed to mention Dawsons name without crying, i wish she had cried though so i could take her in my arms, ive been doing it a lot lately and i guess now it feel natural. Sometimes i find my self just watching her, and i think back to the time when i really liked her but she turned me down, maybe if i ask her again she might..... oh nevermind.

Talked to Jen and Jack today they were at the ice house and i felt like i was invading their space so i left. well thats about it i guess, nothing else to say

see ya!!!!

This section of Pacey's Journal was done by: Natalie Lewis