November 7, 1999

Dear Journal,

Geez, I miss Andi so much. I miss her perkiness, the way she argued with me about everything under the sun, the way she said my name, like I was somebody important... Who am I kidding. I miss everything about her. I can't believe it...I want to forget what happened, but it won't go away...Its like one of Dawson's movies, playing over and over...I don't know how I'm going to get through this...If I had to get through something before, Andi would help me...but Andi's what I'm trying to get over. Its not exactly like I can call her...I can picture it now.."Hey Andi? How am I supposed to get over you?" Aah, screw it. What am I saying? I don't want to get over her. I just want to forget what happened, and hold her in my arms and kiss her and tell her everything will be okay. No, I don't want to get over her and forget everything we had...If I did, would I even be writing in this thing? Man, Andi's the one who got me into writing in this thing anyway...She gave me this journal to begin with.


This section of Pacey's Journal was done by: Jacquie