November 6, 1999

Dear Journal,

Isn't it funny how I continue to write in you? Its been quite a week. I've had to help Dawson trap his mystery woman....Eve. I swear if I still wasn't hooked up with Andie...and D wasn't my friend I'd...oh nevermind. Truth be it, I am still hung up on her...she was my everything. I just don't understand how she could do this to me. And then...then to top off everything....I just talked to Joey. She said she had a date. A date! She isn't supposed to have a date...she's not supposed to be over me yet...Why am I the only one that sees that this relationship was meant to be...that she destroyed something great. Geez....I'm just depressing myself even more here...maybe I'll call up Jo and see if she wants to help me fix up my boat.


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