Sunday, October 16-17, 1999

Here we are all of Capeside's pride and joy, sitting out side waiting for this firedrill to end. ever since I started this journal I could not stop writting, You know Andie got me started on this journal thing, since she left me this summer and since she came back i can't help but write in it. But enough about Andie I have written and rewritten about her I can't even think about her without hurting. What's happing to Dawson that Eve girl, I mean she has a body sure but Dawson the king of 50's television morality has the stolen answers to a test just not a test but the PSAT's. I don't know in a way I like the new Dawson, eve's helping him get over Joey and the whole summer, but what is he becoming?

we're goin back to class, OH JOY OH RAPTURE write later

I have the answer. What has Dawson become? I'll tell you everything that he never was. Dawson and I may have had difference's in opinion but this, accusing me of taking the damn PSAT if I took it I wouldn't hide the fact. We are best friends. Or maybe WERE best friends. All I know is that Joey has been my my rock and if that doesn't tell you how weird Capeside has been I don't know how eles to explain it.

October 17

Hey maybe there's hope Dawson and I are friends again, No correction we were never not friends. We just sortta had a laps in judgement. happens to the best of us.

This section of Pacey's Journal was done by: Sarah Lee