Friday, October 8,1999

Dear Journal,

Hey, how's it going? Man, I can't believe I'm asking my journal how's it going. I'm really mad and angry right now. How could Andie sleep with that guy? Didn't I matter to her? Wasn't my love and support good enough? I thought we had something really special. Now here I am with my heart ripped from my chest. I loved her so much. she has made me completely changed my life around. I've actually felt normal for once in my life. Man, I'm so depressed. I was faithful to her the whole time she was away and here she has to have a one night stand that ruin our relationship. She told me that she was sorry and that she had made the biggest mistake in her life. Well, she should be sorry and it's not my fault that she was thinking about what she was doing. The worst apart about it was she told me she loved me and looked at me with those beautiful eyes of her. But I can't trust her. Not any more anyways. She asked me to forgive her which I can possibly try to do but I can never forget what she has done. So, as far as I can tell we are through. I hate to hear myself say this but it is true. I can't stand all this pain I'm going through. Damn it ! I think the best thing to do right now is ask my good pal Dawson for some advice since he seems to be a changed man and always knows the right things to say. Well,see ya.


By: Michelle Marie Holt