Thursday, August 26, 1999

Dear Journal,

Summer's almost over. It's too bad I couldn't go on any dates with Andie this summer. I can only imagine us dancing at a night club. (Well, no, I can't, 'cause all that does is bring back the memory of her and Dawson getting drunk!) I imagine what it would be like to have her in my arms again.

I just thought of two very nice-yet-horrible memories. The time Andie and I first met. When she crashed into my (brother's) police car. I got mad, but she climbed out of her red car and started rambling! "Oh, officer, I'm so sorry. It's my first few days hear and, well, they've been tough. Please don't provoke my license!" Well, I, of course, had to go along and pretend I was an officer. The next day, I saw her in school. She came up to me with her famous grin and said "Officer Pacey, how nice to see you!" Then, she started talking about how I could get arrested.

Then, my party. After my shitty idea to have a party because I failed my driver's test and Dawson forgot all about me. I met her at the party. (Between me and this floppy book getting ready to be filled, she looked great!) Anyway, she came up to me while I was hanging lights. "Hey!" "Shouldn't you be off mingling?" was my lame-o reply. "People make me nervous." she said. "Well, then, don't I make you nervous?" I told Andie. "No, you just make me mad!" she laughed. I stopped hanging lights and I told her, "You know McPhee, I really wish I made you nervous." She just put on that grin of her's. I wish that I could only DREAM about her coming back. 'Cause all I think of is the promise she made. "You me, together again. Stronger, happier. And in more love than ever."

I got to go, I think Dawson and Joey are here.

This section of Pacey's Journal was done by: Stephanie