On Dawson's Desktop keep in mind that Pacey is now staying at the Leery household since his one week suspension from school. Dawson brings him his homework from school everyday.

Pacey Witter
Creative Writing
Mr. Peterson
Poetry Assignments


I'd buy the Viper
if I had twenty-five grand
I don't, so I can't.


Shall I compare thee to my favorite Porsche?
Thou art almost as lovely as its shine
Thou surely art more lovely than some Borscht.
and lovelier still since my dear you're mine

How do I find the words to say "you drive?"
I'm grounded cause I stole my father's car
I'm grateful that your car is still alive
without it you and I would not get far

So even though you drive like you're on crack
I like to watch your face behind the wheel
and though we may be dead before we're back
I still think you're the only thing that's real

I'd choose you o'er a sports car any day
but both would be ideal I have to say!

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