October 1, 1999

Dear Diary,

Well here I am again. I'm packing up to go back to Capeside. Back home, back to Jack, and well, back with Pacey.

I should be excited. I mean I am excited. But then here's Marc. I don't know exactly what to think about that situation. More importantly what do I tell Pacey about it. Or do I tell him at all? Marc understands me totally different than Pacey does. He helped me through a lot. I mean--oh! Pacey has helped me through a lot too but Marc...he's different. In a good way, Oh heck, this problem is going to throw me back into the looney bin. Or Pacey. Everytime we wrote or talked on the phone he sounded so happy...and he could tell something else was on my mind. I wonder what he thinks. And if and when he finds out about Marc what he's going to do.