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The word, O.A.T.S. is an acronym for Older Adults Traveling Society. The word, "Traveling" means either by vehicles or in life. As all of you know,a road can be easy and smooth to drive and travel on, or it can be full of holes, twists and surprises. The road of life is exactly the same. We hope to help you travel both ways a little easier here on this page.

I have been published in national and regional magazines as well as preparing weekly columns in local newspapers. At the present time I am starting to put together a newsletter about traveling.

My wife and I have been retired 14 years and we travel about six or seven months in our motor home (we have visited 49 states) and spend five months or so in Mission, Texas, the Square Dance Capital of the world. Yes, we do a lot of dancing and enjoy the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that borders on Mexico.

Join us on these five pages for helpful information and please feel free to e-mail our e-mail location: Thanks for visiting us.

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