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List of Suppliers of Equipment, Supply’s, and Service’s
This list was compiled by Dirk F. Tollenaar, President, of North Texas Metalworking Club, for the use of any interested persons, and is not an indorsement of any kind. If an error is found, please contact me at, Dtollenaar@AOL.COM, or 972-562-9359. Please leave this list intact if copied or forwarded to anyone. Thank you.
A B Foundry 214-247-3579 Aluminum and Brass castings
A P Green 4542 Bronze Way, Dallas TX 214-330-9243 Fire Brick, Castable Refractory Etc.
A W Sperry Instruments 800-645-5398 Digital Volt Meters, Etc.
ABSCO (Allied Bolt & Screw Co.) 972-243-1212 Fasteners, Tap’s, Etc. No Minimum, will sell in less than full boxes.Ace Castors 214-634-9826 Castors, Etc.
Ace Powder Coat 972-487-0567 Powder Coating of Metal’s
Acme All Thread 216-464-4393 All Thread rod of all kind’s
Acme Chain Co. 800-628-9057 All kind’s of chain for drives etc.
Action Stainless 800-749-2523 Stainless Steel of all kind’s, has short cutoff’s
Adams Magnetics 800-874-2746 All kind’s of magnets
Aero Electric 616-665-9693 Spark Plug’s, Coils, Etc for IC Engine’s
AH-HA 612-641-1797 CNC Program, and Equipment for conversion of machine’s
Aim Samuel Metal 972-438-3949 Aluminum, Steel, Etc.
Air Power Tools 214-333-4241 Air wrenches and repair kit’s
Albrecht Inc. 800-468-3008 Albrecht Drill Chuck’s
All Size Screw’s 214-943-7575 Small screw’s, Nuts, Etc.
Alloy’s and Component’s 214-637-9301 Cast Iron, Aluminum, Etc., No Minimum.
Anthony Machine 214-908-3561 (Mob.) Machine Repair Service
Applied Technologies Inc 214-631-3270 Bearing’s, Sealant’s, Etc. Armstrong Brother’s 313-763-3333 Hand tool’s
Armstrong Tool 800-446-9694 Lathe Tool Holder’s
Ash Gear and Supply’s 810-357-5980 Gear Hobs, and Cutter’s
AST Bearing 817-620-9004 Bearing’s, Etc.
Astra Tool’s 817-481-6528 Used Machine Tool’s of all kind’s
Atlantic Fastener’s 800-800-2658 Bolt’s, Nut’s, Etc.
B & M Machine Co. 201-751-0789 Roll pin insertion tool’s
Back Yard Foundry Society 719-685-5143 Foundry Group
Barber Coleman 815-637-3000 DC Motor’s, Etc.
Bay-Com 616-276-7194 Home Shop Tool’s
Besly Products 800-435-2965 Best selection of "Special" tap’s in the world, great pricing, you need this catalouge for sure.
Big Three Welding 972-276-9556 Welding Supply’s
Blue Ridge Tool 800-872-6500 Machine tool Supply
Bob Massey Machine 817-924-2771 Used Machine Tool’s
Boca Bearing’s 800-332-3256 Minature Bearing’s of all kind’s
Bodic EDM Supply 972-840-1015 Used tooling, and Cutter’s
Boston Gear 800-225-5280 Gear’s of all kind’s, Great Catalogue
Bridgeport Mill 800-242-2404 Mill’s
British Metric’s 800-491-3877 Metric fastener’s, Tap’s, Drill’s., Etc.
Brown and Sharp 800-283-3600 Tooling Mfg. Co., Great Catalogue
Brownells Inc. 515-623-5401 Gun Smithing Supply’s, Great Catalogue
Bunting Magnetic 800-853-2526 Magnets of all kind’s
C R Kingsman 800-772-7810 Hand Tool’s of all kind’s
C W Rod Tool Co. 800-231-0222 Tooling Dealer
Cadillac Plastics 800-CPG-1000 Plastic’s of all kind’s
Cam Pat Machine 972-424-4095 Machine Tool Dealer
Castle Metal Products 972-988-3833 Metal, Etc.
Castrol 800-227-8765 Oil Products
Cerro Brass 814-355-6241 Brass, Bronze, Manufacturer
Chase Brass 800-537-4291 Brass, Bronze, Manufacturer
Clausing Lathe 219-533-0371 Lathe’s manufacturer
Cole’s Power Models 805-643-7065 Great catalogue of Casting’s for Steam Engine’s
Collin County Steel 972-562-5200 Cold & Hot Roll Steel
C R Service’s 800-882-0008 Small Seal’s
CRC Industries 800-521-3168 Anti Seize Compound, Lubricant’s, Etc.
Crucibal Steel 800-365-1168 Steel Plant
Cushman Chucks 800-873-3221 Drill Chucks
Cutting Tool Engineering 847-498-9100 Great Magazine
D & S Tool’s 972-241-5263 Drill’s, Tap’s, and Mill Cutter Sharpening Service (I use them)
Dave Sobel Machine Tool’s 201-768-9645 Used machine tool dealer
Dimco Steel 214-428-8336 Steel Dealer
Dov-Loc 817-467-6533 Neat, but expensive Mill vise jaw’s
Drill Rod and Tool Steel 847-678-4400 Tool Steel Manufacturer
Dynaroll Bearings 800-235-0235 Bearing’s
Eagle Welding Supply 972-562-0622 Welding Supply’s Edgin Machine 940-433-8750 Used Machine Tool dealer
Ellsworth Adhesives 972-446-8000 Adhesives
ENCO Chicago 800-860-3400 Tool Importer, Check Quality
ENCO California 800-860-3200 Tool Importer, Check Quality
Fastcut Tool 800-682-8832 Milling Cutter’s
Fowler Instruments 800-788-2353 Micrometers, Calipers, Indicators, Etc.
Fred V Fowler 617-332-7004 Micrometers, Calipers, Indicators, Etc.
Fry Steel 800-423-6651 Steel Manufacturer
Garland Nut and Bolt 972-349-6834 Nut’s and Bolt’s
Garland Oxygen 972-494-0494 Welding Supply
Garland Steel 972-494-6000 Used Steel and Aluminum
General Tool’s 800-697-8665 Hand Tool Manufacturer
Gore Tech 800-654-4229 Great Gasket Material
Grand Tool Supply 800-922-0512 Machine Hand Tool’s, Drill’s, Tap’s, Etc.
Greenfield Industries 800-544-7863 Tap Manufacturer, Great Manuals on Thread’s
H and H Foundry 412-863-3251 Foundry
Hardinge Brothers 800-843-8801 Hardinge Tool’s, Collet’s, Lathe’s
Harvey Tool’s 800-645-5609 Machine Hand Tool’s
Holo-Krome 800-693-5687 The Original Allen Socket Cap Screws
Hornel Speedglas 800-628-9218 Great Welding Helmet’s and Glasses, Auto Darkening Len’s
Iscar 800-336-2796 Carbide Inserts, Insert holders, Etc.
ITW Cool Air Gun 800-441-7475 Great but expensive cutter cooling, no liquid needed
ITW Fluid Products 800-443-9536 Tapping fluid’s, Cooling Fluid’s, Etc. J I Morris Co. 800-621-3937 Great source of 0000-160 thru 2-56 fasteners, tap’s, and drill’s, great catalogue and literature on very small fasteners
J and L Supply 800-521-9520 Machine Tool Dealer
Jorgensen Steel 214-741-1761 Steel, Aluminum Supply (Expensive, and has a MINIMUM)
Joslyn Stainless 800-348-1761 Stainless Steel Manufacturer
K R F 616-429-7050 Great Tool Post, that you make
K & S Engineering 312-506-8503 Brass tubing Manufacturer
Kaiser Tool Co. 219-484-3620 ThinBit Tool’s and Inserts
Kasenit Company 914-928-9595 Case hardening compound
Kaydon Bearing’s 800-514-3066 Bearing Manufacturer (Great Catalogue’s), and computer programe’s for selection of bearings
Ken Groff 972-562-6640 Machine Tool Repair
Ken Howard 800-964-9573 Machine Tool Repair
Kennametal 919-829-5294 Carbide insert’s and tools
Kennedy Tool Box’s 800-413-8665 Best metal tool box around
Kindt - Collins Co. 800-321-3170 Castable Plastic
Kool Mist 800-234-MIST Machining coolant’s
Krylon 800-832-2541 Spray paint manufacturer
Latrobe Steel 800-822-5726 Steel Manufacturer
Lawler Gear 816-525-0002 Gear maker
Lee Spring Co. 972-783-0462 Spring supply
Liberty Steel 214-638-0555 Used Steel and Aluminum
Lincoln Welding 216-481-8100 Arc Welders
Lindsay Publications 815-935-5353 Neat Book’s Loc-Tite 800-562-8483 Thread lockers, Sealant’s, Etc.
Long Machine 214-842-2207 Used machine Tool’s
Machinists Tool 214-631-9390 Drill’s, Tap’s, Drill Rod, Reamer’s, Etc., Etc.
Martin Sprocket 817-924-4255 Hand Tool Manufacturer
Maryland Metric’s 800-638-1830 Metric Fastener’s
McDowel Machine 214-353-0410 Bridgeport mill repair, and used tool dealer
McMurry Metal’s 214-742-5654 Best place for Brass, Etc.
Metal Buyers Mart 800-657-0721 Metal Supply and more
Metal Lathe Associates 814-234-3543 Source of castings to make machine tool’s
Metric Multi Standard 214-358-4106 Metric Fasteners, Etc. (Great Catalogue)
Metric’s Unlimited 800-638-7986 Metric Fasteners, Great catalogue and news letter’s
Micro Fasteners 800-892-6917 Small Fasteners, no Minimum
Micro Miniature Bearing 800-526-2353 Small Bearings, Etc.
Miller Welding 800-426-4553 Miller Welding machines, I like these for the HSM
Mitee Bite 800-543-3580 Milling holders
Mobil Oil Engineering 800-662-4525 Mobil Oil for lubrication of Machine Tool’s
Modeltec Magazine 320-654-0815 Very interesting publication for the home shop craftsman.
Model Engine World Mag. 914-359-9240 (Richard N. Palmer, US Agent) Very nice publication
Modern Machine 800-950-8020 A commercial shop publication, also very usefull.
Morse Cutting Tool’s 800-255-1701 End Mill’s, Drill’s, Tap’s, Book’s, Etc. Great Catalogue
Morton Engineering 800-834-8793 Tool Post Grinder for the HSM
Motion Industries 214-351-2211 Bearing Supply, Etc.
MSC Industrial 214-638-0900 Machine tool dealer
Mustang Rigging 972-564-9210 Machine tool moving co.
New England Brass 617-729-7672 Good source of supply for the HSM
Newt Pingston 972-783-0042 Good source for Thread Inserts of all sizes Nexus Special Interests 01144 1442266551 (England) Plans for all kinds of projects, and publisher of Model Engineer’s Mag Workshop Contact Wise Owl World Wide Publications for US Subscription’s
Nolan Supply 800-736-2204 Machine tool supply, good prices
Northern Hydraulic 972-226-6906 Good source of inexpensive hand tooling, Etc.
Norton Abrasives 800-635-1992 Best source for grinding wheels, cut off disk’s, good Cat.
Nyden Stepper Motors 408-232-7700 Motor’s for CNC conversions
O’Neal Steel 972-556-2323 Steel, etc.
Ohio Drill 800-826-5237 Drill’s, End Mill’s, Good Catalogue
Palmgren Vise 800-621-6145 Good vise for milling machines and drill presses
Parker Hannifin 800-272-7537 "O" Rings, and good computer program for there selection
PKE inc. 708-362-0014 Machine tool’s, Etc.
Plaza Machinery 802-234-9673 Used machine tool dealer
PMC Machine Tool 800-231-7278 Tool Supply
Power Model Supply 314-586-6466 Great Catalouge and Tool Supply for the HSM
Production Tool 800-492-9328 Machine tool supply
Projects in Metal Magazine (See Village Press) Great mag.
Purvis Bearing 972-548-9028 Bearing Supply
R P Langlois 519-782-3550 Home built EDM Machine (In Home Shop Machinist Mag.) I plan to build one of these machines, used to remove broken tap’s and make plastic injection mold’s, and create odd shaped metal parts.
Red Hill Corp. 800-822-4003 Machine tool supply
Reynolds Aluminum 972-623-4000 Aluminum Manufacturer
Regal Plastics 972-484-0741 Plastics Supply
Reid Tool Supply 800-253-0421 Great source of supply for all kinds of unusual hardware for your projects, Great Catalouge, No Minimum
Rex Supply 800-369-0669 Machine tool supply
Richard Palmer 914-359-9240 Contact for Model Engineers Workshop Mag.
Rockford Ball Screw 800-475-9532 Ball Screws for CNC Conversions
Rutland Tool 800-289-4787 Machine tool supply
Ryerson Steel 214-637-4710 Steel supply, Great catalogue if you can get one form them
S’West Abrasives 214-350-5561 Sand blasting supply’s
Sandvik Tooling 800-726-3845 Cutting tool supply
Sargon Industries 800-972-7466 DRO manufacturer
Sherline Products 800-541-0735 Sherline machine tool’s
Sherman Foundry 903-893-4307 Cast Iron foundry
Shooting Star 800-772-6322 Mechanical DRO, well worth the price
Shop Aid Inc. 800-305-3002 Computer programs for the shop
Small Parts Inc 800-220-4242 Best source for odd things for your projects, great catalogue.
Sobel Machinery 201-768-9645 Used tool dealer
South Bend Lathe 219-289-7771 Lathe manufacturer, still has some old parts
Southwest Industrial Supply 800-448-8665 Bridgeport Mill Distributor
SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments) 800-323-9646 Machine hand tools, Etc. Great Catalogue
Starrett 978-249-3551 Mike’s, Calipers, Etc. The Best one can buy
Stock Drive Products 516-328-3300 All kinds of gears, belts, chains, etc, Great Catalogues
Strictly IC Mag. 24920 43rd Ave South, Kent WA 98032 Best mag. for the IC engine builder
Sulpher Springs Models 314-527-8326 Great source of supply of drill’s, tap’s, etc. for the model builder, some castings, book’s, and other supply’s, reasonable pricing
Surplus Center 800-228-3407 Good source for all kinds on neat stuff for your projects
Swest Inc. 972-247-7744 Good source for jewelry supply (Lost wax casting)
Tapmatic 800-854-6019 Best tapping head for your mill ( ENCO has a clone)
Texas Machine Tool Repair 817-483-8038 Machine tool repair (I have used him with good results)
Texas Rubber 972-263-0583 Source for rubber products
Thompson Ball Screw 517-776-4123 Ball Screw’s for CNC Conversions
Tiny Power 417-334-2655 Good source for castings
Torch and Guage 972-647-9084 Best place to get your Oxy/Acc guages repaired
Travers Tools 800-221-0270 Machine tool supply
Trident Steel 972-231-5176 Steel, Aluminum, Brass, $25 Min.
Unbrako 216-581-3000 Other Manufacturer of "Allen Cap Screws" Great catalogues
Union Butterfield 800-222-8665 Cutting tool Mfgr. Great catalogues and book’s
Valente 800-544-3336 Cutting tool Mfgr. , Great catalogues
Vermont Tap 800-451-4357 Tap’s, Drill’s, Etc. (I like these, they seem to last longer) Local source of supply is Machinists Tool
Victor Welding 800-426-1888 Best welding equipment made.
Viking Twist Drill 800-328-4655 Drill’s, taps, etc. Good catalogue
Village Press 800-447-7367 Publisher of Projects in Metal and Home Shop Machinist, Book’s
William M Berg 800-232-2374 Good source of drive parts, great catalogue Weld Aid Products 313-883-6977 Welding products
Weldon Tool 800-647-1266 Tap’s, etc.
Wise Owl Publications 310-375-6258 Model Engineers Workshop Magazine and other’s
Wood Met Services 309-637-9667 Source for castings for machine tool’s to be made in your shop.
Zia Precision 800-684-3763 Cleaning tool’s for C-5, R-8, Morse tapers ( Very useful in keeping the taper’s clean and in good shape)