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The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Dirk Tollenaar,
president.  Terry Oquin was present as Co-Secretary.  No old business
was discussed.  As to new business, three new members were welcomed into
the club:  Vince Putt, Bill Weissborn and Gary Davis.  Dues were
collected from each new member by the Co-Secretary as well as
Questionnaires from Bill and Gary.

The topics of discussion were as follows:

Dirk Tollenaar said that Bill Hinkle can make permanent name tags for
any member for $3.50 - contact Dirk.  Otherwise, paper name tags will be
available at all future meetings for member use.

The establishment of the club account is still pending, but should be
resolved by the next meeting.

"NTMWC" will be used on the subject line of all e-mail correspondence
for ease of recognition.

Al Kimmel gave a talk on refractory material and passed out an
information sheet on Mizzou Refractory material.

Mike Meagher brought the burner he uses in his metal melter and
discussed blower and burner design.  He stated that he uses a 40-60 cfm
blower utilizing a shaded pole motor.  He melts about 15 lbs. of
aluminum using propane and a 6" pipe crucible.  His yield is 70% with
30% slag.  Thanks to Mike for providing an AutoCad 14 drawing of his
burner design as well as much good aluminum casting information.

Members received an additional handout from Lanny Reed on ductile

Bob Swinney presented and demonstrated a wobble engine he had built as
well as a drill jig used for setting the proper valve placement on very
small wobble-type engines.

Dirk Tollenaar presented 2 types of dial indicator holders for the
mill - one for dovetailed indicators and one for round stem indicators.
In addition, he brought an air-operated drawbar and an adjustable
handle for the mill which can be indexed to any position.  Dirk also
discussed his installation of the Star mechanical DRO (2 axis) for the
lathe.  This DRO uses a rack and pinion to couple the encoder to the

The need for addresses of local metal suppliers was again mentioned
and Gene Culpepper was named as the contact for McMurray Metals, 3000
Elm St., Dallas.

Thanks to all of you for a great meeting!

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.