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November 11, 2004.

80 Grit Was started by Glenn AlonzoGlenn and myself in 1998. I met Glenn through a mutual friend on the USS Kitty Hawk while stationed in Japan and deployed to the Persian Gulf. I didn't even have any drums at the time. We had a few months on the cruise to work out the logistics of getting me some equipment. It would come in the form of an emergency trip home to see a sick family member. I bought a set and had it shipped.

RickAfter a rather rocky start (I hadn't played drums in years) and an endless search for a bass player, we were playing the base club on the weekends. It was great and we were building a fan base rather quickly. We also attracted some more musicians who were a little more dedicated to playing more often.

Rick Johnson joined the band in 1999 and brought a family atmosphere of the band. He also added to our setlist, which I deemed a plus. I was the first to transfer back to the states and civilian life. We still keep in touch and are planning a reunion tour.