More about me!
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More about me!

Well, I'm originally from Austin, Texas

I was married on June 1, 2007 to my lovely wife Denay.

My plan was to get a photo of her up here, but this computer just isn't cooperating with me today. I'll get one up here as soon as I can.

I used to drive this 1967 convertible Camaro
Click on the picture to see more of this beautiful automobile.

Now we have a few other cars we are playing with

Click on the pictures to see more photos of these.

I have a few Remote Control Helicopters. My oldest is a Kavan Jet Ranger,

which has been in storage for a very long time...
I'm afraid it doesn't look quite this nice anymore, but nothing a good paint job won't cure.

and a Hirobo Shuttle ZXX with a 46 size engine.
It has a Helix G-10 composite frame.

The third is in pieces in my garage, but I am restoring it with parts off of E-bay.
I guess you could call it my Chitty-chitty-bang-bang Helicopter.
It is a standard Kyosho Concept SX 30 size

A Kyosho Concept Hughes 500 / 30

A Kyosho Concept Bell Jet Ranger/60

I need to do some work on the 60 as it seems all of the ball joints on the servo arms are not installed.

Let's see.... More about me....
I attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas many years ago.

Well, that's about it.

Y'all take care!


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