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For those members in the Houston Area trying to find LUMP CHARCOAL otherwise known as NATURAL CHARCOAL or CHARWOOD, try calling your nearest SPEC'S LIQUOR STORE.. They are carrying HASTY-BAKE brand for $5.99/10#... It is 100% Hardwood (the Hasty-Bake people say it's 60% White Oak and 40% Hickory)... We are working on a better WHOLESALE SOURCE, and should have it within a month...
BAD NEWS FROM THE WOODYARD....Easter Wiped them out... MEMBERS ONLY.... Wild Cherry is gone, Post Oak is gone... Still no Turkey Fig... Plenty of other Oaks, Pecan, Well, heck, let me give the drill...

SOLD BY VOLUME !! CHUNKS, Palm sized to Open Hand Sized... 50# RICE SACK equals about 38-42# depeding on moisture content of wood...

Mesquite, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak, Pecan, Post Oak (out)... $5.00/bag...

Turkey Fig (out), Sugar Fig (out), East Texas Fig (out), Brazos River Bottom Wild Cherry (out), Brazos Wild Pear, Orchard Peach, Brazos Wild Plum (out), Sassafrass (out), Red Mulberry (out)... We think the Figs and the Cherry will be stocked in MAY.... YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO BUY ... UPS to US and INTERCONTANENTAL SHIPMENT Available...

Sticks are available by the count, 1/4 Cord and up...

Support our Sponsors
WELCOME to our newest Sponsors, Rick Alspaugh of ALSPAUGH'S BAR-B-CUE CENTER in Kingwood, Don Burnett of SMOKEMASTER PITS in Austin, Tim Taggart, representing THE BIG GREEN EGG, and Ken Richard of ALLIED-KENCO of Houston, Purveyor of quality Sausage Making Supplies, and miscellanious Turkey Frying and Meat Curing equipment. (see Sponsor Page)

Our SPONSORS make the GHBBQS and our activities possible.


The current MEMBER SPECIAL is provided by CUNNINGHAM GAS COMPANY, Houston, Texas. These nice folks have offered MEMBERS the GENUINE POLDER remote thermometer and alarm for the very special price of $18.95 each. There is actually a little confusion on the price, but we'll have that straightened out next week.

Join the GHBBQS NOW and let the money you save on the POLDER pay for your Membership.


Check out one of our newest sponsors, PETE'S FINE MEATS, 5509 Richmond Ave. one block East of Chimney Rock (713-782-3470) for the finest in competition-grade meats available locally.

Sorry, no WebSite yet so I have to tell you about PETE'S.

PETE'S is an old-fashioned custom meat market located near the Galleria. No frozen cuts here. Everything is slaughter-fresh from their plant in Needville, or shipped aged from Omaha. They feature Jumbo Shrimp (fresh daily), USDA Prime Beef, Cabrito, Whole Suckling Pig, and they even have Colorado Tamales. Go by and visit Pete or son Michael. Have a Steak Taco from the Deli while you are waiting on your order. PETE'S will be offering SPECIALS to MEMBERS advertised on this site.


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